Graduating from USC film school, Corbin Billings spent his early life studying with producers, musicians, and philosophers, seeking to learn the secrets of alchemy and the power of self-refinement. A series of heartbreaks and enlightening relationships pushed him to pursue writing and recording music. In 2017, his rap alias, Floowood, emerged in the underground hip-hop scene in Phoenix, quickly gaining notoriety for his dark theatricality and poetic lyricism.

He began painting the Egyptian Eye of Horus (also known as the Wadjet) on his face after inexplicably going blind in his left eye with a cataract. His music recounts his personal story of recovery from darkness into light. Floowood believes healing the divine masculine is crucial to the future of humanity and seeks to inspire every man who feels empty without romance to stop seeking fulfillment outside of himself. Although some of his songs wander into dark territories of sex and addiction, the full story of his debut album, “I Am Love,” ultimately leads listeners out of despairing entitlement into the light of universal gratitude and self-love.

His influences include Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, Eminem, Linkin Park, Die Antwoord, & Lin Manuel Miranda. Floowood has performed with Brotha Lynch, Muck Sticky, and countless other underground rap artists. He currently lives and performs in Los Angeles, CA.