(Verse 1)
I’ve been hacked,
Ego cracked.
No more facts.
Media distracts.

I’m conforming,
I’m conforming.
I’m transforming.
They’re recording
How I move.

I consent to their abuse.
I use. I use.
They skew
The truth.
Corrupt the youth.

Black Sun! Geryon!
I can’t carry on! (x2)

(Verse 2)
What will you do when your tempted by Fraud,
the online God?
You can become someone you’re not.
You can pretend you’re rich and hot.

You can say whatever you want
And never get caught,
Safe behind your laptop.
Fix your flaws with Photoshop.
Buy followers so you feel on top.

I admit I crave envy.
Without it I feel empty.
I care how other’s see me.
Validate me. I feel sexy.

I am an algorithm that buys.
I package my life like merchandise.
Will you please like, follow, subscribe?
Take my advice. Put down the device.

Black sun! Geryon!
I can’t carry on (x2)

(Verse 3)
A portal to a world
Where everyone’s an expert,
Bigot and a skeptic.
Disconnected, wretched,
Inauthentic zealot
Crying out for
Jussie Smollett.

Victimhood’s the metric
Used by the neglected
When they’re seeking credit,
Desperate to be liked.

We compromise.
Grow comfortable
In all our lies.
The outside world
Could be paradise,
But we sit inside, online,
And complain in our minds.

Insulated, sheltered,
Group identity members
Keep losing their tempers,
Blocking all dissenters
Who dare beg to differ.
Cancel all offenders.
Forgo the center.
It’s more fun to be triggered
by the Clintons or the N word.
So we flock to Twitter
To be cruel and clever,

Black Sun! Geryon!
I can’t carry on! (x2)

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