Facts matter.

Read data.

Follow patterns.

Humans factor.



How Dare You? x4


(Verse 1):

Courtesy of NASA

I can see before and after.

Ice sheets melting faster.

Droughts and fires hazards.

Cities flooded. Forests ravaged.


Is it propoganda

Pushed by Oscar winning actors?

Or is our species a cancer?

Who will answer for the 

Greenhouse gasses passed

By cows in pasture?

Not the cattle ranchers,

Nor their corporate masters.

Only victims of disaster.


Scientists warn we have a few years

To reduce the heat in the atmosphere

Or life on Earth disappears.

The consensus seems clear,

Yet our leaders pretend not to hear.

Children have sensitive ears,

They believe the end is near.

But instead of volunteer,

They protest out of fear.

When people disagree with me,

I react emotionally,

Marching in my city.

Protesting wastes energy.

Time hating enemies,

But I’m too afraid to see my futility.



And so we march! 

How dare you! (x4)


(Verse 2):

Unchecked, giants wreck where they step.

The corporate wont admit their footprint

Affects the environment.

The movements that they make

Devastate the landscape,

But they don’t feel the Earthquake

Or give back what they take.

Clearing trees to cultivate cows to satiate

Demand for steaks.

Food waste accumulates/

Full after I ate, I toss my plate in the waste

And wait for the trucks to take it

Some other place to deteriorate.

Brandname trash decomposes into greenhouse gas

Trapping heat in.

We waste more food than we’re eating.

Despite all the hungry mouths that were not feeding.

We consume like demons in the garden of Eden.


Politicians won’t admit that carbon emissions

Contribute to the volatile climate conditions

and temperature’s risen, 

Skeptics dismiss it,

Insistent the evidence is insufficient,

Despite the plastic island in the Pacific.

That’s just the fiction that made Al Gore millions.

The liberal pretense of the greatest inconvenience

To servants with oil allegiance.

They point to extremes in winter seasons,

While claiming global warming’s unworthy of credence.



And so we march!

How dare you! (x4)


(Verse 3):

As temperatures rise more than 3 degrees,

My contribution must also increase.

As companies cut down billions of trees,

I must go out and plant new seeds.

As drought grips desert countries,

I must share my cup with the thirsty.

If petrol dependency threatens our  reefs,

I’ll help clean the sea. Change starts with me.



How dare you!

Change starts with me. (x4)

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