Something Honest

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The yard is full of animals.

Soft parade of radicals.

Mechanical puritanicals

feasting like starved cannibals.

Hannibal Lecters carved a

single brain in sectors.

Left and right hemispheres

to prey on elector’s fears.

Duality is not reality.

A fabricated fallacy.

A black and white mentality

defeats equality.

Commonality denied.

Liberty is not a side.

It bridges the divide of principalities.

Give me one reason why reason is hidden,

forbidden from debate as corruption and hate

denigrate red, white, and blue. Count three!

Third Party Sanity. Integrity to stand against

scandal, pride, and vanity.

I’m looking for someone honest

Jefferson made us a promise. (x4)

Millionaires and tax collectors aren’t our protectors.

They’re corporate defectors who represent investors

from the private sector.

Terms without limits in the senate bred infection.

House of bipartisan tenants only want reelection.

Asses and elephants. Self-serving sycophants.

Play to extremes over common sense.

Pander, Slander, Gerrymander.

Cogs in a broken bureaucratic wheel.

I refuse to swallow your expired red or blue pill.

I’m looking for something honest.

I’m looking for the founding father’s promise:

We hold these truths to be self-evident.

That just governments derive their power

from our consent, not fear…

Brother, fear is the disease!

It builds walls and overthrows regimes overseas.

Fifteen years ago we invaded the Middle East.

Now that little boy is old enough to turn a weapon on his enemies.

I’m looking for someone honest

Jefferson made us a promise (x4)

Our democracy has become hypocrisy.

A nation built on immigration,

demanding mass deportation.

Land of the free, with the most incarceration.

Populations fearful of police discrimination.

Bankrupted by inflation,

we spend trillions on occupations

of foreign nations yet spare

no money for education.

National security should be our priority,

not condemning sexuality through public policy

Our politicians are fascist.

Pay to play nationalists.

Only represent the interests of big business.

Financed by corporate donations,

secure their nominations through intimidation.

This mass manipulation ends with my generation!

Weapons of mass distraction

prey on fearful reactions

to create two party factions

and overpower compassion.

But there is another choice.

Third parties raise your voice!

We don’t need the permission

of a corrupt debate commission.

Entitled we fail, endowed we succeed. (x4)